Sunday, January 29, 2012

Case of The Missing Blogger

I have been M.I.A. from this blog, but only because life has been busy, and not out of laziness.

1. I started school last week. I am taking an American History class and my teacher said he will accept papers written in English, Spanish, French or Portugese.  Toto, we are not in Martinez anymore.

2. My sister graduated from National Holistic Institute in Massage Therapy.  Woo hoo! Backrubs!

3. I went to Santa Cruz this past weekend, attended a wedding, went to the beach, and found a Sea Star:

Pretty frickin cool. It totally caught me off guard.  After showing it to some kids, Tati and I released it back into the ocean because I am pretty sure it was still alive.

Tati in her natural habitat

Okay, after writing all this out, I thought I was busier than this.  Why am I so tired?


Until next time.....



Anonymous said...

Are you taking American History for people who's English is a second language?

theresa said...