Wednesday, March 13, 2013

March Happenings

I need to write more.  I just finished writing a script for my solo piece, "Cat Nanny 911" and it's like I just exhaled, walked away from writing, and put on my acting hat.   And by writing, I don't mean journaling--I do that all the time.  I mean writing another story, to keep my creative juices going.

Rehearsal, Rehearsal, Rehearsal...

Speaking of which, I had my first rehearsal for my upcoming show in April, Women in Solodarity: Cat Ladies, this past weekend.  I'm telling you it's wierd to rehearse my own writing, but I like it.  And finally being able to rehearse it with blocking is helping me understand the very story I have written. It's all coming together now. Meow.

You're not going anywhere Bunny Rabbit! (yes, that's the name of my parents' cat who is trapped in my arms)

Sunrise, Sunset....

Oh Bolinas, it's been a long winter and how I have missed you!  I just might visit you this weekend. Speaking of this weekend....

You mean, I can celebrate Cinco De Mayo AND St. Patrick's Day?

By all accounts, I should be a hard core Catholic with a drinking problem, seeing that I have Mexican and Irish blood pumping through my veins.  The countdown to start celebrating my Carlos Murphy roots starts this Sunday.


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