Friday, September 03, 2010

Announcing The Umpteenth Annual Donahoe Domino Tournament!

Are you in?

Every Labor Day weekend my family on my dad's side gets together and dukes it out with the chips.  It's two days of intense competition.  I use to compete, back when I was forced to be my mom's driving companion when the tourney was held at my grandparent's place up in Nevada.  Every year we would leave the Bay Area at 5:30am to arrive in Gardnerville at 9:30am.  Then I played dominoes all day for two days and I sucked at it.

Now that it's in Sonoma County at my Uncle's place- I no longer am forced to make the early morning trek. Baby's all growns up.  I arrive and leave when I want.  That means strolling in on the second day around 3pm and just hanging out with all the other losers who already got eliminated from the first day of competing.

Happy Labor Day Weekend Y'all and remember to unload your double six as soon as you can!

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