Thursday, September 16, 2010

Are You A Supertaster?

I am.

I took the test:

And came out this:

You are a supertaster!
*Supertasters have lots of papillae that are closely packed together and small.
*Perceive all tastes as more intense than other taster types, particularly bitter tastes
*Tend to be fussy about their food and have strong food likes and dislikes
*Usually don't like coffee, grapefruit, cabbage, Brussels sprouts and spinach
*Have lots of papillae, the tiny bumps on the tongue that contain taste buds
*Around 25% of people are said to be supertasters

Other factoids:

*Women are much more likely to be supertasters than men (35% of Women vs 15% of Men)

*Caucasian males have the lowest rate of supertasters of any known group.
*In The Simpsons episode “Father Knows Worst”, Homer eats a stick of burning coals and becomes a supertaster.
*The alternative rock band They Might Be Giants has a song called “John Lee Supertaster” about John Lee, a supertaster and the bass player for the rock band Muckaferguson, who “can’t drink coffee or beer” and “loves ice cream and pie”.

So...are YOU a Supertaster? Take the test! It's short, I promise:

They are, but for entirely different reasons:

(Jazz Mafia Band SUPERTASTER)

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