Friday, November 12, 2010


Well, I already forgot to write in my blog every day. So much for NaBloPoMo - "National Blog Posting Month".

Is this why I did poorly in school? My lack of follow through?

"Does not live up to full potential. Sometimes I think Theresa is not with us" - 4th grade report card

In Ms. Smith's 4th grade class is when my grades started slipping. Up to that point I had received straight G's in elementary school. That's right- we got G's instead of A's.

G= Good
S= Satisfactory
N=Needs improvement.

I got my first "S" in Ms. Smith's class.

The problem that year was that I had a seat by the window. Rule #1 - never put baby in a corner and  Rule #2 - never, ever, under any circumstances put little Theresa Donahoe by a window.

I would daydream incessantly as Ms. Smith rambled on and on about something or the other and then one day my drifting attention span caught her attention.

It was just like any other day, school started, I sat down and at some point stopped listening. I gazed out window yonder to escape the mundane-ness of  fourth grade. Soon Ms. Smith's voice became a blur and was about as intelligible as the school teacher in Peanuts. "Waaa waaa waahh waah..."

As her mumbling got louder and louder, it didn't occur to me that she was coming right at me...louder and louder...I still stared at the window. Nothing would break my gaze with nature and sunlight. "Waaah waaah waaah"...louder and louder....

Finally she was right in front of me and SNAP! She abruptly pulled the blinds down to the window and I jumped slightly in my chair.

"Sometimes I think Theresa is not with us..."

Ironically, that was the same grade I started developing my writing skills. That was the same grade that Ms. Smith told me, "Oh Theresa I just love your stories."

But she didn't like my daydreaming. She didn't realize that the same imagination that wrote those stories was the same one that caused me to look out the window to keep myself from being bored in her class.

Here's to you Ms. Smith. May I reach my full potential.

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A Mountain Momma said...

From one daydreaming Theresa to another, keep it up! Its the only thing that keeps me going some days and it is when I get best ideas.
xo Theresa