Friday, November 26, 2010

Life at 40- The Holidaze

"All this year's been a busy blur, don't think I have the energy.." - "Christmas Wrapping" by The Waitresses
This is how I feel right now. Except for me, it's just been this week that has been a blur. The first official week of being 40 years old and I have been greeted with:

*A cold and other ailments that are still lingering.  My throat started hurting last Friday (my actual birthday) accompanied with cramps.  The cramps are gone, but the blowing of my nose every 5 minutes lives on....

*A brochure in the mail from John Muir Hospital that read, "Problem With Bladder Leaks?"  No, but I am having a problem with the mailing lists I have been put on.

*North Korea possibly trying to start WW3 - I will always remember my 40th birthday with this current event

Well, at least I got to spend last weekend celebrating my 40th birthday on the coast with my family (official blog pending).  Then I came home and stayed in bed, away from work, for two days.   When I told my mom this, she reminded me I get this type of flexibility in the workplace because I work for the Government.  I gotta admit- working for the State has its perks. It doesn't always suck.

I arose on Wednesday to go to work for a couple of hours and still felt light headed.  Later on that night I met up with some friends from dance class to have another 40th celebration dinner.  I requested garlic mashed potatoes from the chef and he did not disappoint:

After dinner, Tati insisted on putting all forty candles on the cake Peggy made me. Someone call the fire department:

Tati also made me a birthday hat. I know you can't tell from this picture, but the hat has a kitty on it and it reads my 40 year old birth announcement: IT'S A GIRL!

So nice of them to whip up a dinner for me so close to Thanksgiving. I was surprised that people were around during the holidays.  I also received scented candles from Newman, chocolate from Tom and Rachel and flowers from Tati/David & Cynthia:

And that was my Thanksgiving EVE...

On Thanksgiving Thursday, I picked up my 86 year old grandma (who lives 20 minutes from me) and we ventured out into the snow to the town of Antioch to my brother's house.  

After being in the car for about an hour and 15 minutes we arrived.  We I lounged around until the turkey and (more mashed potatoes!) were ready.  The Dallas game hummed in the background as teenagers occupied the upstairs for most of the day and only came down to greet us adults when necessary.

I love teenagers. I wish I still was one. They are like cats. You have to let them come to you.  Here kitty kitty kitty:

After our bellies were full and our conversations were satisfied, my grandmother and I headed out of Dodge Antioch only to be stuck in the snow traffic for two hours before we were arrived home and safe in our beds.  Darn the holidays can be rough! You know you live close to your family when a measly two hour drive can ruffle your feathers, instead of say, a 7 hour plane ride (TSA pat-down time not included).

I woke up this morning and started blowing my nose again.  I haven't lifted a finger all day.  Well, except to type this.

Happy Holidaze!


bigwords is... said...

I love the line about the advertising brochure in the mail! Too funny! Happy 40th x

Kim said...

This will be me in April. 40. I'm not sure how I feel about it either. Love that they did the 40 candles.

Carrie said...

I've been sick the entire month of November. No FUN! And I'm not 40 yet so who knows what will happen then.

Happy Birthday to you! You look awesome for 40

The Drama Mama said...

I love the birthday hat, so creative, and I will sneeze to your nose blowing and raise you a cough. Happy belated birthday! I'll be joining you in February.

Karen Peterson said...

It sounds like you had a Happy Birthday, forty-year-old-ailments notwithstanding.

The Clip Cafe said...

Happy birthday to you! Sounds all very nice.