Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Our little-movie-that-could met our funding goal and then some!

Now that we have our $$$, we are officially in pre-production.  The location is secured, most of the crew and cast is in place, and because we are in a speed film making contest starting this Friday, we now wait for final instructions from the mothership loarding up above in the big P.G.A. sky.  Basically, we won't know our theme or genre until Friday afternoon, so our improv skills must be sharp!  I am sensing an off-the-cuff-shoot-from-the-hip type of vibe a la Bowfinger.

In the meantime, meet part of the cast and crew:


Ellie Wheeler

Nathan Cooper


Production Assistant- Pam Saavedra

Hopefully all goes well and we don't end up having to film a scene like this:


Classy Career Girl said...

Congrats on getting funding! That is awesome! Good luck!

Style Maniac said...

What a cool project! Can't wait to see what you produce.