Thursday, September 29, 2011

Life In Review

Over the weekend I participated in a speed film contest- I am not finished with my blog on that event yet, but let's just say I was asked to do things I never thought I would do. Like stand up on a narrow strip of ceiling beam that was thrown in a junk yard in a baby blue dress while wearing false eyelashes. More on that later.

....The weekend before I worked on a student film in downtown Martinez of all places. This means nothing to most people except that it was weird for me because I grew up in this small town and I never thought I would film there.

That's my co-star Shea, pretending to wait for a train at the Martinez Train Station.

...Keeping with the film theme, my good friend and ex-co-worker Dennis Glasco, produced and acted in a short film that was shot for this year's annual A Place Called Sacramento Film Festival. Dennis has taught acting classes in the past and one of his former students, Nathan Reedy, wrote a script that was selected to be produced for this festival. This event has sold out for the last three years. If you get an itch to drive towards the Delta this Sunday, buy your tickets here.  

Dennis and Nathan Promoting Their Film

...and in NOT keeping with the film theme, last but not least, my lower back on the left side has been hurting lately. I did a lot of driving over Labor Day weekend and it started hurting the next day. So I iced it, took drugs and it eventually went away, but then two days ago, the pain came back. I am a back-pain virgin, so I have no clue how to remedy it. When you tell people you have back pain, then all of a sudden, everyone becomes a doctor, nurse or healing guru. I have been told all sorts of things, advice-wise. Anything from "You should get an X-ray", to.."You don't need an X-ray""Your pain is emotional""You need a massage."

So I took yesterday off to rest my back, but it turned out to be one of the hottest days of the year and I do not have air conditioning in my second story apartment in Oakland, so I had to flee to the beach. Yes, I know, poor baby. Somehow ocean waves were supposed to help soothe the pain.

Okay, they did a little

But I was still hurting this morning so I called Kaiser (squirm if you must) and they had a doctor call me back. She recommended over the phone a Physical Therapy class and prescribed a high dose of Motrin. She was so quick to give me drugs, I think I could have talked her into giving me Vicodin if I wanted to. But I hate Vicodin, it makes my stomach hurt and i don't really need stomach pain as well. Good thing I am not a druggy.

I asked the doctor "Where do I pick up the pills? In that pharmacy line?" She replied, "Man, you really ARE a newbie!"

I HATE HOSPITALS! They smell and I find them depressing. Sorry that's mean. I am cranky because of the back pain.

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