Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Occupy Oakland- Week 8: Re-Occupy The Plaza

Well, they're back.  Occupiers could not stay away from Frank Ogawa Plaza and even though they are not allowed to set up camp there, they can have a 24/7 Vigil instead.

I think this is the smart thing to do, personally.  You want to protest in a central location, but also, it's closer to my work, so I can take pictures. Kinda glad the whole West Oakland location thing didn't work out.

I am not sure what 24/7 Vigil entails.  I think it means they can chill, light candles, have meetings, as long as they don't sleep there or pitch a tent.

But how about a Tepee?

That's right. Nobody said nuttin bout a tepee!

So the Occupiers got a 3 day permit to allow their tepee, but they have to take it down every night at 10pm.  Along with the InterFaith Tent:

In the meantime, I took more pictures of signs and stuff...

But not matter what happens to the crowd at Frank Ogawa Plaza, we can always rely on these guys to hold it down come Summer, Winter, Spring or Fall..

Two men live in that tree.  Running Wolf and another guy.  I think the other guy goes by "Anonymous".

When the crowds thin out, these guys are here no matter what.

Alright, as of Tuesday night, OccupyLA is really supposed to get raided for real this time.  Two nights ago was a practice I guess.  Gonna see if I can watch via live stream....


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