Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving In The San Francisco Bay Area

Around 10 years ago, when I was cat-sitting for a previous employer in an Oakland neighborhood not far from where I live now, I noticed a Bay Area phonemenon on Thanksgiving day that I had not seen before.


There was plenty of street parking. I was giddy, as if I had all the streets to myself. I felt a sense of ease as I looked around a comparitively desolate neighborhood that one Thursday morning.  It was peaceful.

Through the years I have become grateful for other things during Thanksgiving:

1. Parking (okay, I just said that)
2. Starbucks is open until 4pm.
3. Sleeping in (I don't have small children and I don't have to catch a flight anywhere)
4. Waking up and watching the Macy's Parade in bed (I find traditions comforting)
5. Egg nog
6. My heater
7. And I get the feeling that I am grateful that I don't have to drive in the snow anywhere.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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My Inner Chick said...

Yes! Starbucks kind of Rocks :))) X