Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Occupy Oakland West

So this morning, while on my way to work, I got off on my normal freeway exit, but made a right, instead of a left on 18th Street and drove to the latest Occupy Oakland camp at 18th Street and Linden.

I parked my car and hurredly crossed the street to snap a few photos.  I had heard that the Occupiers were being more choosy about who they were letting into their space because they were now using private property enclosed by a fence.  I prayed they would let me in.

I came to their entrance (a torn part of the fence) and saw that they wouldn't let another woman in with a nice professional looking camera because they were not allowing press yet.  I insisted I wasn't press, just a girl with a pink camera phone, and that I wouldn't take pictures of anyone's faces- "just tents and signs" is my motto.  They let me in.

I quickly snapped away.  Here's a few shots:

I heard it was more like $350,000 after taxes, but who knows...

The entrance

You are here


Later on at home, I read on Twitter that a bunch of cops had showed up and told the Occupiers they had 30 minutes to vacate.  So the Occupiers sent out a warning via text to others to come out and support.  It appeared to work because the cops ended up leaving as I watched on a livestream.  Not sure what their strategy is, but if it's a repeated pattern from before, I bet you the police will come back around 4:30am and kick em out while the Occupiers sleep.

In the meantime - they dance in the streets of West Oakland. I wish I had a pic of that. I read about on Twitter.


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